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L’autoritat holandesa de protecció de dades multa amb 475,000 €




L’Autoritat holandesa per a la protecció de dades (AP) ha imposat una multa de 475,000 € a per una infracció de dades en què els delinqüents accedien a les dades personals de més de 4,000 clients, inclosa l’obtenció de les dades de la targeta de crèdit de prop de 300 usuaris del popular lloc de viatges.

Els delinqüents van extreure dades d’inici de sessió als comptes d’empleats de 40 hotels dels Emirats Àrabs Units.


“ customers ran the risk of being robbed here,” said Monique Verdier, Vice President of the Dutch data protection agency. “Even if the criminals did not steal credit card information but only someone’s name, contact details and information about his or her hotel booking. The scammers used that data for phishing.”

“By pretending to belong to the hotel by phone or email, they tried to take money from people. That can be very credible if such a scammer knows exactly when you booked which room. And asks if you want to pay for those nights. The damage can then be considerable, “said Verdier. was notified of the data breach on 13 January, but didn’t report it within the mandatory three day period after discovering a breach. Instead, they waited a further 22 days.

“This is a serious violation,” said Verdier. “Unfortunately, a data breach can happen anywhere, even if you have taken good precautions. But to prevent damage to your customers and the repetition of such a data breach, you must report this in time. Speed is very important.” 


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