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Migrants al mercat laboral de la UE: "Un guany per a tots"




shipworkersMigrants on the EU job market: A win-win for all – conference of the Labour Market Observatory Integrating migrants into the labour market: a win-win situation for all 25 June, 9h30–17h. Rue Belliard 99, room JDE 62 (6th Floor).   

“What’s at stake today is the integration of migrants into our society and it starts with giving them a job,” said Christa Schweng, president of the Labour Market Observatory (LMO) at the EESC.

“This conference will examine ways to facilitate the active participation of migrants in society and therefore ease their integration. We will also take stock of the current EU legislation and look at what it takes to make policy interventions more successful,” added Irini Pari, president of the EESC Permanent Study Group on Immigration and Integration. The participants will have the opportunity to hear about successful integration initiatives, such as the project ‘Emergence XL’ for the inclusion of young immigrants through sport, job coaching, training and apprenticeship presented by Bea Diallo, deputy mayor of Ixelles (Belgium).

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