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#DigitalTax: "Crec que el 2019 veurem una solució diferent de l'OCDE" Donohoe




Following the meeting of European Finance Ministers (ECOFIN), Austrian Finance Minister Hartwig Löger said that ministers were still on track to reach a ‘political declaration’ on the EU’s proposal for a digital services tax by the December meeting of the group, escriu Catherine Feore.   

Löger acknowledges that there were concerns arising from the Commission’s proposal and that further work will be needed on technical details between now and December. One possible compromise that emerged is the suggestion – widely thought to have been proposed by the European digital taxes most ardent supporter, French finance minister Bruno Le Maire – to have an ‘upside-down sunset clause’.  

The current ‘sunset clause’ proposes that the EU moves ahead with its tax, with the proviso that it will be subject to a sunset clause that will render it redundant when new OECD rules come into place. The  ‘upside-down sunset clause’ would contain a proviso that the tax would be introduced should the OECD not come forward with a more ‘global’ proposal by a certain date.  

La Presidència austríaca està disposada a avançar en aquesta iniciativa al final de la presidència de la UE de sis mesos. Com a mínim, esperen que els ministres de Finances puguin acordar una declaració política del proper ECOFIN al desembre. 

El ministre de Finances danès, Kristian Jensen, va expressar les seves preocupacions pel camí de la reunió d'aquest matí (6 de novembre). Jensen va dir que cal que hi hagi un sistema fiscal modern que inclogui els gegants digitals. Tot i això, va dir que s’havia de fer d’una manera intel·ligent.  


Jensen said that what is being proposed is a quick fix – he said while he is in favour of quick solutions, it also must be a fix. Jensen favours an OECD approach and is concerned that there could be some retaliation from the United States, a major export destination for the EU.  

Jensen desconfiava d’un impost basat en el lloc on es troba el consum, en lloc d’on es troba el benefici. Va dir que no és una bona idea per a Europa.  

Ireland has been one of the countries that has shown the most scepticism about the European Commission’s proposed digital services tax. Following today’s ECOFIN, Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said that other finance ministers echoed Ireland’s concerns. He said that Ireland would work towards agreement addressing the technical considerations. 

He added that he thought there would be a different solution in 2019 and that would come from the OECD. He did recognize that how large techs are taxed needs to be addressed. When asked about other countries Donohoe cited the German minister (Scholz) who agreed that a global approach was the safest way to go forward. Donohoe also said he had great concerns that moving tax into where the consumption occurs, rather than where value is created, would set a precedent for exporting countries – especially countries with a larger services sector. 

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