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Els eurodiputats defensen sota el foc Premi Sakhàrov 2014




cms-imatge-000004984Els eurodiputats han saltat a la defensa del premi Sàkharov del Parlament Europeu, que s'atorga anualment pels drets humans.

This year’s award has been heavily criticized following the GUE group withdrawing its candidate, after it emerged he had made racist comments.

Va seguir una nova controvèrsia sobre la llista preseleccionada de l'activista de drets humans Leyla Yunus, que s'enfronta a greus càrrecs de frau al seu Azerbaidjan natal.

Her nomination was branded “inappropriate” by one senior MEP.

But, ahead of Parliament´s political group leaders announcing this year’s winner today (21 d'octubre), Elmar Brok, a German MEP defended the Prize: “Traditionally MEPs are very engaged in the nomination process and want to select every year the best possible candidates.

“There is one crucial difference between the Nobel Peace Prize and the Sakharov Prize – the European Parliament is a democratically elected political body, representing the European citizens and in this sense the Sakharov Prize is awarded on behalf of all European citizens.”

The centre-right deputy added: “Given that MEPs from different countries and different political groups are involved in the process of selection, they do not need necessarily support the same candidate. Hence, the Sakharov selection is not a mess. This is democracy. And again, I do not understand why some would speak of a ‘mess’.


“We at the Parliament have developed a very clear process on how to vote for the candidates for the Sakharov price. And please don’t forget: the relevant Parliament committee is composed of 100 members while the Nobel Peace Prize committee is composed of only five members. This makes the decision-finding process of course easier.

“Concerning the nomination for Yunus, I’d like to draw attention that in Azerbaijan many human rights activists and NGOs face accusations. I would be much more careful and would not repeat automatically accusations towards prominent figures of the democratic opposition.”

Brok ho va assenyalar 18 setembre Parliament adopted an urgency resolution clearly stating that “since late July the government has targeted some of the country’s most prominent human rights defenders, imprisoning them on apparently politically motivated charges, with particular reference to the cases of Leyla Yunus, the well-known director of the Institute for Peace and Democracy”.

Brok said: “We condemned in the strongest possible terms her detention and demanded immediate release.

“The decision on the shortlist for the Sakharov Prize was taken as usual in a joint meeting of the AFET and DEVE Committees in a secret ballot. The fact that other candidates did not enter into the short-list does in no way diminish their case as human-rights defenders.

“And Parliament will continue to give its support to them and/or other cases via urgency resolutions.”

Further comment came from UK Greens MEP Molly Scott Cato, who said, “I have supported the candidacy of Yunus for this year’s Sakharov Prize since she seems to me the best candidate, being a genuine campaigner for democracy and human rights who is being oppressed by her own state.

“None of the other candidates meet these criteria and they are therefore not suitable for a prize named in honour of Sakharov, in my view. It is also shocking that human rights violations right on the border of Europe are not being treated with sufficient seriousness because the country concerned has huge gas reserves.”

Elsewhere, British Socialist MEP Richard Howitt said: ” I am pleased that this year the nominees include human-rights defenders such as Leyla Yunus and Dr Denis Mukwege. It is the nature of their role in society that they provoke controversy.”

I els portaveus d'Afers Exteriors de Verds/ALE Barbara Lochbihler i tamas Meszerics said: "Including Leyla Yunus on the shortlist for this year’s Sakharov Prize is an official recognition by the European Parliament of her outstanding fight for human rights in her country. The Greens/EFA group nominated Leyla Yunus for the EU’s freedom of thought award because we believe she symbolises that which the prize intends to recognize.

“Leyla Yunus was arrested in July, alongside her husband Arif Yunus, on outrageous, politically motivated charges. This vote, which comes a few weeks after a strong European Parliament resolution condemning the brutal crack-down against civil society by the repressive Azerbaijani regime ensures the European Parliament is sending a clear message of support to Leyla Yunus and all other human rights activists in the country. We call for the immediate release of Leyla Yunus and all political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

“The EU institutions and member states cannot put energy considerations before values in their engagement with Azerbaijan, especially when negotiating a Strategic Modernization Agreement.”

The Sakharov Prize is an award conferred annually by the European Parliament on individuals who combat fanaticism, intolerance or oppression. Political groups of the European Parliament can make one nomination for the award. The Parliament’s foreign affairs, development and human rights committees today voted to select a shortlist of 3 of the nominated candidates. The final decision will be taken by the Parliament’s conference of presidents in October. Més detalls.

La resolució pot ser trobat aquí.

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