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Cimera va suspendre a cercar acord grec




imatge-310147-panoV9free-ucwdThe eurozone summit is put on hold to enable leaders to meet Greek PM Alexis Tsipras separately to agree to a debt rescue package. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has called the talks on Greece’s debt rescue “extremely difficult” and ruled out “agreement at any price”.

Parlava quan arribava a Brussel·les per a una reunió dels altres 18 líders de la zona euro per discutir l'acord.

Estan considerant propostes dels ministres de finances de la zona euro que imposarien condicions dures a Atenes.

Grècia s’arrisca a ser expulsada de la zona euro si no s’arriba a un acord per rescatar-la del col·lapse financer.

Finnish Finance Minister Alex Stubb said one condition in the ministers’ proposal requires Greece to implement new laws by Wednesday (15 July°.

Grècia també haurà d’introduir condicions dures per a la reforma laboral, l’IVA i els impostos, i mesures difícils sobre la privatització i els fons de privatització, va dir Stubb als periodistes.

The head of the Eurogroup of finance ministers, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, said a “couple of big issues” remain which would be left to the heads of government to rule on, though he did not give details.


Merkel told reporters that the eurozone leaders would be considering whether “the conditions are met” to start negotiations on a third bailout.

“That’s what is at stake, nothing more and nothing less,” she said.

But she warned that there would be “no agreement at any price”, adding: “We have to make sure the pros outweigh the cons – for Greece’s future, for the entire eurozone and the principles of our collaboration.”

Tsipras was more upbeat, telling reporters: “I’m here ready for an honest compromise… we can reach an agreement tonight if all parties want it.”

La cancellera Merkel i altres líders de la zona euro diuen que no hi pot haver un tercer rescat a no ser que es restableixi la confiança amb el govern grec d'esquerres.

After months of delay and political upheaval in Greece this is a make-or-break summit – not least because Greek banks are desperately short of cash.

A deal tonight could pave the way for a third bailout – but the process is fraught with uncertainty.

Un acord requeriria que Grècia promulgés lleis immediatament per reformar el seu sistema de pensions, l’impost sobre les vendes (IVA) i el mercat laboral.

Ambitious privatisation is required too – something that has been delayed for years.

Però els parlaments finès i alemany han de votar fins i tot per permetre iniciar noves converses de rescat.

The future of the euro is at stake – and that is concentrating minds.

Abans de la reunió dels ministres de Finances, molts havien parlat d'un trencament de la confiança entre Grècia i altres països de la zona euro sobre les negociacions.

Reports on Saturday suggested that German ministers were drawing up a plan that would allow Greece to exit the eurozone temporarily if this weekend’s talks fail – something Athens says it is not aware of.

This idea was also dismissed by France’s President Francois Hollande who said: “There is no temporary Grexit, there is a Grexit or there is not a Grexit.”

He said France would “do everything to find a deal tonight, allowing Greece, if the conditions are met, to remain in the eurozone and allowing Europe to progress”.

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