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La pressió migratòria es basa en les declaracions de la reunió informal dels ministres d’afers exteriors de la UE a Luxemburg




jean-asselborn_maxsize_2048_1536On his arrival at the informal meeting of EU foreign affairs ministers held on 4 and 5 September in Luxembourg, part of which will focus on migration, Luxembourg’s Minister for Foreign and European Affairs, Jean Asselborn (A la foto), va demanar una solució europea a la pressió migratòria i va demanar solidaritat.

 “This issue goes beyond the financial crisis in Greece and will keep us busy into the next decade,” stated the minister, who is co-chairing the Informal Meeting alongside the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini. “There can be no national solutions, only a solution at European level”, he maintained. “Europe is synonymous with values, international law and humanity. Europe is at risk of losing face and its essence and will be blameworthy if these values are called into question,” he insisted, adding that “the image of Europe worldwide is at stake”.

Jean Asselborn welcomed the announcement by the United Kingdom to receive thousands of additional Syrian refugees and called for the EU to support Greece which is experiencing “serious problems”. Refugees and migrants arriving in Greece must be registered, given clothes and undergo a health check, he said. “We must put an end to this migration pattern from the South to the North”, he stated and called for a system of quotas or a plan for a “humane” distribution of migrants” to be set up. “It is possible and it is our duty”, he added, noting that he is waiting for concrete results for tel Consell de Justícia i Afers Interiors (JAI) d'octubre, Seguint el Consell JAI extraordinari convocat per la Presidència luxemburguesa per al 14 de setembre de 2015. “There is no country in Europe that can claim not to have a culture or tradition of receiving refugees”, he went on to say.

Jean Asselborn i Federica Mogherini a Luxemburg el 4 de setembre de 2015
© / Charles Caratini



Preguntat per la proposta de sistema europeu de guàrdies de fronteres que va presentar durant a speech to the EU Ambassadors’ Conference held on 3 September 2015 in Brussels, Jean Asselborn said that it would be feasible “in times of crisis” for member states “unable to implement it themselves”. Highlighting the “significant differences” in terms of recognition rates and the treatment period for processing an application for asylum, the minister also called for specialised European jurisdiction to lay down common rules and standards in all Member States for asylum cases, a task that should be entrusted to the European Asylum Support Office (EASO).Migration and the refugee crisis will be at the heart of discussions, explained Federica Mogherini, on her arrival in Luxembourg. We will focus on cooperating with countries of origin and transit, she noted. “We will therefore continue the work of Ministers for Defence and Ministers for Home Affairs”, she added, stressing the need for a coherent approach across EU internal policies.


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