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La UE promet 77 milions d'euros per a la crisi de la #RDC a la conferència de donants de Ginebra




Last week, the European Union co-hosted in Geneva the ‘Humanitarian Conference on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)’.

On this occasion, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Commissioner Christos Stylianides reiterated the EU’s support in response to the worsening humanitarian situation in the region, with contributions worth €77 million in emergency and development assistance to the DRC crisis.

“Today, we stand united with the people of the DRC. For too long have humanitarian needs persisted in the country, and the situation keeps worsening. We are determined to assist the most vulnerable people of the DRC and give them hope. In order to fulfill our humanitarian mission and save lives on the ground, we need unhindered and continuous humanitarian access to all regions, as well as protection for humanitarian workers,” said Commissioner Stylianides.

El comissari va pagar un visita oficial a la RDC on 24-26 March, where he visited EU-funded aid projects in North and South Kivu and met with government officials in Kinshasa. From today’s pledge, €49.5m – which was announced by Commissioner Stylianides during his recent visit in the DRC – will address the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the DRC and finance humanitarian flight services to the most remote areas of the country. Another €27.6m will address health, food security, education, and resilience building in the DRC. Beyond the pledged amount, the European Union also allocated €6m to support DRC refugees and hosting communities in neighbouring Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.


La Unió Europea co-acull el Conferència humanitària de la RDC a Ginebra, together with the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to mobilize resources to respond to the humanitarian crisis in the DRC.

Les necessitats humanitàries a la RDC s'han duplicat durant l'últim any, amb més de 16 milions de persones afectades per la crisi i 13 milions que necessiten assistència humanitària a tot el país. Actualment hi ha més de 5 milions de persones desplaçades, que inclouen 4.5 milions de desplaçats interns i aproximadament 630,000 que han fugit als països veïns.


Humanitarian operations funded through the Commission’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations focus on helping people affected by recent or ongoing violence, acute malnutrition, and epidemics by providing them with protection and life-saving assistance in a timely manner. Additionally, the Commission runs its own humanitarian air service, ECHO Flight, which offers humanitarian partner organizations safe and free transport to remote areas in the country.

In addition to humanitarian activities, the Commission has also stepped up its development cooperation support in sectors of health and food security, to respond to the urgent needs of the population and most vulnerable people in the Kasaï region, while new support has been approved to address childrens’ education needs in conflict environment regions in Kivu and Tanganyika.

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