La UE apropa el suport a comunitats desplaçades i afectades per la crisi a #Yemen

| Novembre 29, 2018

The European Commission has adopted a €30 million programme in support of vulnerable communities suffering the effects of prolonged displacement in Yemen. Total EU commitment to support Yemen now stands at €244m since the start of the conflict in 2015.

International Co-operation and Development Commissioner Neven Mimica said: “The prolonged crisis in Yemen has devastated the lives of millions. Close to 18 million Yemenis don’t have their daily meals secured. More than 3 million have had to flee their homes in fear for their lives – some of them only to be displaced a second or third time. The EU is deploying all the instruments available to it in support of the UN-led peace process in Yemen. This new package of assistance will help displaced Yemenis to rebuild their livelihoods and overcome the current crisis.”

The package will address the urgent needs of internally displaced populations and vulnerable host communities in Yemen by providing basic services in health, education, protection and legal counselling. It will also help build the capacities of local institutions responsible for monitoring population flows.

Llegeix el comunicat de premsa complet aquí.

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