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Pressupost de la UE per a la recuperació: la Comissió proposa un nou programa de salut # EU4Health amb un pressupost de 9.4 milions d'euros




The Commission has proposed a new, ambitious stand-alone health programme for the 2021-2027 period – the EU4Health Programme. EU4Health will make a significant contribution to the post-COVID-19 recovery by making the EU population healthier, improving the resilience of health systems, and promoting innovation in the health sector.

It will fill the gaps revealed by the COVID-19 crisis and ensure that EUs health systems are resilient enough to face new and future health threats. Health and Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakides (a la foto) said: “With the recovery package and the revised EU budget for the next seven years, we put forward a strategic vision both to address today's situation as well as tomorrow's challenges. As part of this package, the new EU4Health Programme will be a game changer, a real paradigm shift in how the EU deals with health, and a clear signal that the health of our citizens is more than ever before a priority for us.”

With the EU4Health Programme, it will now be possible for the EU to better tackle cross–border health threats, make medicines available and affordable, and strengthen our health systems.

una completa MEMO i full de dades are available online and you can find more information on the EU's recovery plan aquí

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