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Dia internacional de la democràcia: declaració conjunta de l’alt representant / vicepresident Josep Borrell i el vicepresident Dubravka Šuica




El dia internacional de la democràcia, avui (15 de setembre), l’alt representant / vicepresident Josep Borrell
 (A la foto) i el vicepresident Dubravka Šuica van emetre una declaració conjunta: "Tant si us interessa el canvi climàtic, els llocs de treball, l'economia o la justícia racial i social, la vostra veu només serà escoltada i el vostre vot només comptarà si viviu en una democràcia. En aquests moments difícils, la UE seguirà sent un defensor ferm i franc de la democràcia, els drets humans i l’estat de dret a tot el món i dins de la UE.

“Collective efforts are needed, together with a new perspective on supporting democracy that delivers for citizens are needed. This work starts at home. Promoting free and fair elections, ensuring rule of law and media freedom are building blocks to create a space where every citizen feels free and empowered. More than ever, we must defend the ability of free and pluralistic media to provide timely access to reliable and accurate information, and fight disinformation. We will continue working to make our own democracies more resilient and innovative, benefitting from the opportunities offered by new technologies. We will create ever more possibilities to engage citizens through a range of deliberative democracy approaches.

“The European Democracy Action Plan sets out measures to promote free and fair elections, strengthen media freedom and pluralism, and counter disinformation. Across the world, we are scaling up our financial and political support for those who, regardless of gender or background, promote democratic participation and inclusion, ensure institutional checks and balances, and hold decision makers to account. We are building alliances with all those committed to upholding universal rights and freedoms, with democratic governments but also with international organisations, civil society organisations, parliaments, political parties, independent media, bloggers, human rights defenders and activists. This year has seen the start of the Conference on the Future of Europe, a unique and timely opportunity for European citizens to debate on Europe’s challenges and priorities.

“The Conference brings citizens into the heart of policy-making in the EU. We have committed to listen to Europeans and to follow up on the recommendations made by the Conference. Their vision can drive the change towards a democracy fit for the future. It is only the beginning. With this, we renew our commitment to build healthier, stronger and more equal societies for all, where everyone is included, respected, protected and empowered. This is how we will strengthen our democracies.” 

La declaració completa està disponible online

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