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La Comissió celebra la 7a sessió plenària del Fòrum Industrial




La Comissió va celebrar la 7a sessió plenària de la Fòrum Industrial on 4 December in Brussels. The forum provides expert advice on the implementation of the EU’s industrial policy. Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton (A la foto) opened a session on the future of the EU’s single market together with Enrico Letta, former Italian prime minister and president of the Delors Institute, who is drafting a high-level report on the future of the Single Market. The commissioner, Letta and Forum members will then exchange on reporting burden and on single market barriers more broadly.

In addition, today’s meeting has a session dedicated to the Economic Security Strategy, which will address supply chain resilience, de-risking strategies, and risks related to critical technologies.

Altres temes clau tractats al fòrum inclouran el Reglament de subvencions estrangeres, the upcoming Annual Single Market and Competitiveness Report 2024, and the Industrial Forum’s workplan.

The Industrial Forum’s members are made up of representatives from member states and stakeholders from industry, academia, civil society, trade unions and other organisations.

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