maxresdefaultAccés gratuït del cap de la missió russa a la Unió Europea Vladimir Txizhov (A la foto) El Parlament Europeu, Martin Schulz, va dir el 2 de juny que el Parlament Europeu s'ha restringit.

“Insofar as the Russian authorities have failed to ensure transparency in their decisions, in line with international law and legal obligations, and allow the targeted individuals the right of defence and of appeal, he (Schulz) considers that it is now justified to take appropriate measures in response,” says a press release seen by Interfax.

“Consequently, pending the lifting of the blacklist, Parliament is restricting free access to Parliament to the Ambassador and one other named diplomat,” it said.

Schulz va assenyalar que les sol·licituds d'accés per part de membres de la Duma i del Consell de la Federació s'avaluarien cas per cas.

Besides, the Parliament’s engagement with the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee would be suspended.