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República Centreafricana: Com pot ajudar la UE?




CENTRÀFICA-MOELSWith more than half of its population in need of humanitarian assistance and 20% internally displaced, the Central African Republic is struggling to restore peace and stability. The country experienced a coup in March last year and violence escalated in December. As the Parliament will debate on 5 February Europe’s role in the troubled country, the European Parliament asked MEPs Michael Gahler, a German member of the EPP, and Louis Michel, a Belgian member of the ALDE group, how the EU could make a difference.

On 20 January, the EU’s foreign ministers approved a new military mission, which includes the deployment of 500 troops, to support the French and African Union forces already in the field. The EU is also the Central African Republic’s largest donor of humanitarian assistance, with funding of over more than €76 million in 2013.

Catherine Samba-Panza, la nova presidenta interina de la República Centreafricana, ha demanat recentment més suport a la Unió Europea i als països africans. Com pot ajudar la UE?

Louis Michel, president de la delegació a l'Assemblea Parlamentària Paritària ACP-UE i copresident de l'Assemblea Parlamentària Paritària ACP-UE 

Com a copresident de l'Assemblea Parlamentaria Paritària (APP) ACP-UE, us puc assegurar que l'Assemblea Parlamentaria Paritària segueix controlant la situació molt de prop. El desplegament de tropes de la UE per donar suport a les forces de la Unió Africana mostra el grau de cooperació que és vital per atendre les necessitats immediates del país, tot i que es necessitaran recursos financers i humans a més llarg termini per establir i mantenir una solució sostenible en benefici del país. persones assetjades de la República Centreafricana i contribuir a la seguretat en el conjunt de la regió.

Michael Gahler, president de la delegació per a les relacions amb el Parlament Panafricà

The EU can be helpful through its “comprehensive approach” which means we are able to address adequately many circumstances: starting from humanitarian aid to help displaced and starving people (through ECHO), by helping to stabilize a country or a defined part thereof by means of a Common Security and Defence Policy mission, at a later stage through a security sector reform programme, and by projects for reconstruction and development, including democracy programmes and election observation missions.


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