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D'alt nivell continental la Xina visita oficial de Taiwan




zhang_zhijun_hands_up_simon_songOn June 25, Zhang Zhijun, head of the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) under mainland China’s State Council arrived in Taiwan for a four-day visit. It is the first visit by a top official from mainland China in charge of cross-Strait relations. Zhang stated he had two priorities during his trip: to hold a second formal meeting with his Taiwanese counterpart, Mainland Affairs Council Minister Wang Yu-chi, after the two met in mainland China this February; and to engage in direct dialogue with ordinary Taiwan citizens.

Zhang va dir que la major part del seu coneixement sobre Taiwan provenia de llibres i informació de segona mà, i que volia escoltar diferents veus per conèixer la societat de Taiwan, coneguda per la seva diversitat. "Queden molts reptes i dificultats en els afers a través de l'estret, però es poden resoldre sempre que les dues parts treballin juntes", va dir Zhang.

As a step towards the establishment of reciprocal offices, Wang and Zhang agreed that officials from each side will be allowed to conduct humanitarian visits to detainees held by the other. Wang said again that Taiwan’s future is in the hands of its 23 million people; a response to Zhang’s office saying earlier this month that Taiwan’s future must be decided by all Chinese people, not only by the residents of Taiwan. Both Zhang and Wang also touched on such issues as bilateral trade and participation in regional economic blocs.

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