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McGuinness: el procés de pau irlandès "far d'esperança"




140501-mcguinness-adams-mn-1230_fd3aa84ed7bd03441f86d2965e739715Former IRA chief Martin McGuinness says the relative success of the Irish peace process is a “beacon of hope” for other conflicts around the world, including Syria and Iraq.

Speaking in Brussels on 14 October, the deputy first minister of Northern Ireland also warned of a “certain complacency creeping into the peace process” which, he fears, threatens to undermine its achievements.

McGuinness, addressing a conference in the European Parliament, spoke of his “pride” at what the Irish peace process had achieved, including his relationship with former “bitter” rivals such as the late Ian Paisley.

The Sinn Fein politician said: “What we have achieved in the last seven years is quite remarkable and it is no mean achievement. It has surprised not just ourselves but the rest of the world.

“I believe this can serve as a beacon of hope for other conflicts, including those in the Sri Lanka and between the warring factions in Iraq.”

However, McGuinness, who has been in his current post since 2007, warned of possible “instability” in Northern Ireland as a result of current “tensions”.

His comments, at an event organised by the parliament’s GUE group on Tuesday, come said after the UK Coalition government recently announced new round of cross party negotiations in Northern Ireland.


Es centraran en les qüestions pendents, incloent desacords sobre com fer front a banderes, desfilades i el passat.

L'últim intent de superar problemes pendents a Irlanda del Nord és el que va fracassar l'any passat les converses liderades pel diplomàtic nord-americà Richard Haass per negociar un acord sobre banderes, desfilades i el passat.

Els governs britànic i irlandès han estat sotmesos a pressió en els últims mesos sobre el seu compromís amb la resolució.

McGuinness told an audience of MEPs and other stakeholders that a “certain complacency” had crept into the peace process which needed to be tackled.

The 64-year-old Irish republican said: “We need to remove this complacency from the equation. It is desperately important for the peace process.

“If we fail in these upcoming talks there is a serious risk that all the amazing accomplishments achieved so far will be undermined.”

També va parlar calorosament de la seva relació en els últims temps amb el Dr. Paisley, el líder sindicalista, que va morir fa poc i el servei commemoratiu que té lloc a Belfast el diumenge.

“We used to be bitter political rivals but have worked together to bring peace to the North. It has been very heart-warming to be part of this.”

El líder de Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams, ha dit que el seu partit està preparat per iniciar negociacions sobre el progrés polític en les banderes, desfilades i problemes anteriors.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, Northern Ireland secretary of state Theresa Villiers, a former MEP, said:”I fully appreciate how very difficult these issues are, the roots of some of them date back centuries, but there are huge benefits for Northern Ireland if a way can be found to make progress on them.”

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