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Els legisladors expressen la seva greu preocupació per acord comercial entre la UE i EUA




388537_BRUSSELSA càrrec de Jerome Hughes, Press TV, Brussel·les

European legislators express serious concern over ongoing negotiations between the EU and the US to create the world’s largest free-trade area. Many members of the European Parliament and civil society groups say the new deal could negatively impact EU citizens across a whole spectrum of areas.
Ignacio Garcia Bercero is negotiating a new trade deal with the United States on behalf of the European Union. He was quizzed for two hours by members of the European Parliament in Brussels on the same connection. The MEPs say the trade deal will lower standards in the EU in the areas of workers’ rights, food, the environment, data protection and public services such as health and education.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP, will create the world’s largest free-trade area if an agreement is reached. As the United States has softer regulation than the European Union campaigners say that standards will drop considerably. Bercero and his American counterpart, Dan Mullaney, insist the deal will be good for citizens but civil society groups say TTIP is all about feeding big business and corporate greed. The next major public protest against TTIP is scheduled to take place here in just over two week’s time on the 19th of December when EU prime ministers and heads of government hold their final summit of 2014. Thousands are expected to pack the streets in opposition to the trade deal.

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