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Xina: els caps de l'MI5 i de l'FBI adverteixen d'una amenaça "immensa".




Els caps dels serveis de seguretat del Regne Unit i dels Estats Units han fet una compareixença conjunta sense precedents per advertir de l'amenaça de la Xina.

BBC News Security Correspondent Gordon Corera reported today on the BBC News website that ” FBI Director Christopher Wray has said China was the “biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security” and had interfered in politics, including recent elections.

El cap de l'MI5, Ken McCallum, va dir que el seu servei havia més que duplicat el seu treball contra l'activitat xinesa en els últims tres anys i que el tornaria a duplicar.

L'MI5 està executant set vegades més investigacions relacionades amb activitats del Partit Comunista Xinès en comparació amb el 2018, va afegir.

The FBI’s Wray warned that if China was to forcibly take Taiwan it would “represent one of the most horrific business disruptions the world has ever seen”.

La primera aparició pública conjunta dels dos directors va tenir lloc a la seu de l'MI5 a Thames House, Londres.

McCallum also said the challenge posed by the Chinese Communist Party was “game-changing”, while Wray called it “immense” and “breath-taking”.


Wray warned the audience – which included chief executives of businesses and senior figures from universities – that the Chinese government was “set on stealing your technology” using a range of tools.

He said it posed “an even more serious threat to western businesses than even many sophisticated businesspeople realised”. He cited cases in which people linked to Chinese companies out in rural America had been digging up genetically modified seeds which would have cost them billions of dollars and nearly a decade to develop themselves.

He also said China deployed cyber espionage to “cheat and steal on a massive scale”, with a hacking programme larger than that of every other major country combined.

El cap de l'MI5 va dir que la intel·ligència sobre amenaces cibernètiques s'havia compartit amb 37 països i que al maig s'havia interromput una amenaça sofisticada contra l'aeroespacial.

McCallum also pointed to a series of examples linked to China. These included a British aviation expert who had received an approach online and had been offered an attractive employment opportunity. He travelled to China twice to be “wined and dined” before being asked for technical information on military aircraft by a company which was actually a front for Chinese intelligence officers.

“That’s where we stepped in,” said McCallum. He also said one engineering firm had been approached by a Chinese company which led to its technology being taken before the deal was then called off, forcing the company, Smith’s Harlow, to go into administration in 2020.

And he pointed to the interference alert issued by Parliament in January about the activities of Christine Lee. He said these types of operations aimed to amplify pro-Chinese communist party voices and silence those that questioned its authority. “It needs to be challenged,” the MI5 head said.

Als Estats Units, el director de l'FBI va dir que el govern xinès s'havia interferit directament en unes eleccions al Congrés a Nova York aquesta primavera perquè no volien que fos elegit un candidat que va ser crític i antic manifestant a la plaça de Tiananmen.

Ho havien fet, va dir, contractant un investigador privat per desenterrar informació despectiva. Quan no van trobar res, va dir que hi havia hagut un esforç per crear una polèmica utilitzant una treballadora sexual abans fins i tot de suggerir un accident de cotxe.

Wray said China was drawing “all sorts of lessons” from the conflict in Ukraine. This included trying to insulate themselves from any future sanctions of the type that have hit Russia. If China did invade Taiwan, the economic disruption would be much greater than that seen this year, he said, with western investments in China becoming “hostages” and supply chains disrupted.

“I don’t have any reason to think their interest in Taiwan has abated in any fashion,” the FBI director told journalists after the speech.

The MI5 head said new legislation would help to deal with the threat but the UK also needed to become a “harder target” by ensuring that all parts of society were more aware of the risks. He said that reform of the visa system had seen over 50 students linked to the Chinese military leaving the UK.

“China has for far too long counted on being everybody’s second-highest priority,” Wray said, adding: “They are not flying under the radar anymore.”

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