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#Iran: el eurodiputat Gianni Pittella, "Els resultats de les eleccions iranianes obren noves possibilitats de cooperació"




IranEl president del Grup S&D, Gianni Pitella, ha reflexionat avui (29 de febrer de 2016) sobre les recents eleccions iranianes. Diu que els resultats esperem que continuïn inspirant una major obertura al món.

Comentant els resultats de les eleccions a l'Iran, Pittella va dir: “We consider that the results of the Iranian elections – for the country’s parliament and the Assembly of Experts – reflect the desire of the Iranian people to re-engage with the world and improve the economic situation in the country.

“We are also pleased to see that these elections to the Majlis and the Assembly of Experts have taken place in a peaceful atmosphere and have attracted a high level of participation. Even though many candidates were disqualified from running in the elections, the elections still can be considered to have been relatively competitive, since a wide range of political options and opinions were represented.

“It is clear that the nuclear deal, the lifting of the sanctions and the return of international investors to Iran have made a positive contribution to the outcome of the elections, since these steps have reinforced the trends in Iran associated with a greater openness to the world, including the EU.

“As the European Socialists and Democrats we are looking forward to engaging with the new parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran on a number of areas of mutual interest, such as bilateral EU-Iran relations, the regional situation, human rights, co-operation in environment protection, combatting drug trafficking and terrorism, people-to-people contacts and other issues.”

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