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#TheEgg: el lloc de la cimera de la UE va canviar després de fums nocius




The Europa Building in Brussels, also known as ‘The Egg’ and opened only in January amid controversy over its cost, was evacuated for the second time in a week on Wednesday (18 October) after catering staff were taken ill due to fumes suspected to be leaking from the drains.

As a “precautionary measure”, the summit will now take place next door in the Justus Lipsius Building, an anonymous 1990s glass and stone-clad structure, which housed Europe’s councils until the opening of the €321 million ($378m) Europa.

The new building incorporates an exterior of jumbled salvaged window frames, a summit chamber painted a psychedelic patchwork, and an illuminated lantern containing several stories of offices that is visible from the street and known to locals as “Van Rompuy’s Egg” after the Belgian former summit chair.

About 20 kitchen staff were treated in hospital on Friday (13 October) and an EU official said the Council and Belgian safety bodies were working on the assumption that Wednesday’s incident was due to the same source.

No estava clar quanta plantilla va patir malalt dimecres.

És probable que entre els aspectes més destacats de la cimera s’inclogui un discurs de la primera ministra britànica Theresa May als altres 27 sobre els seus plans de Brexit durant el sopar del dijous (19 d’octubre) i una declaració que els 27 divendres acordaran que exigirà a Londres oferir desenes de milers de milions d’euros més en la seva retirada el 2019 si vol començar a negociar una relació futura basada en un pacte de lliure comerç.


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