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Juncker promet un pla d’inversions per a llocs de treball




Jean-Claude Juncker, el nou president de la Comissió Europea, pronuncia el seu discurs mentre assisteix a la presentació del col·legi de comissaris i el seu programa durant una sessió plenària al Parlament de la UE a Estrasburg.El nou cap de l'executiu de la UE, Jean-Claude Juncker, va dir dimecres (22 d'octubre) al Parlament Europeu que presentarà el seu 300 billion plan for investment to bolster growth and jobs by the end of this year.  Switching significantly to German during a keynote address ahead of a parliamentary vote to endorse his new European Commission, Juncker said investment was vital to restoring growth and creating jobs. Germany, Europe’s dominant economy, is resisting calls for it to spend more to kick-start growth. 

Juncker, un antic primer ministre conservador de Luxemburg, va subratllar, però, que, com ha dit la cancellera alemanya Angela Merkel, que gran part del 300bn should come from private investors and that governments should continue to contain their budget deficits.  “If you give us your support today, we will present the jobs, growth and investment package before Christmas,” Juncker told parliament in Strasbourg, adding that investment should focus on improving economic efficiency, not short-term spending.

Berlin has been resisting calls from other eurozone states and beyond for it to increase public investment spending to rekindle economic growth on the continent.  Juncker also said that the European Union’s budget rules that limit the size of government deficits and public debt will not be weakened. The Commission is preparing a review of the rules and their effectiveness with a report due by the middle of December, while France and Italy are pushing for more leniency in required budget consolidation efforts.

“The rules will not be changed,” Juncker said. “But they can be implemented with a degree flexibility.”  Investment, he said, was only one part of a three-pillar strategy, along with structural reforms of national economics and renewed fiscal credibility for governments.

Acknowledging the surge in anti-EU sentiment during elections to the parliament in May, Juncker said the Union had to show Europeans it was working in their interests.  “Citizens are losing faith,” he said.  “Extremists on the left and right are nipping at our heels. Our competitors are taking liberties. It is time we breathed a new lease of life into the European project.”  He stressed that economic improvement was vital: “Either we succeed in reducing unemployment. Or we will have failed.”

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